This blog will give you many examples of ways to strategize your marketing efforts through your website or via several websites. It is no secret that just having a website out there in the virtual space simply isn’t enough any more when it comes to selling or promoting products, services, or advertising your business. With more competing products and vendors on the Internet, you need to sift through various tactics for getting your website known to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time frame.

First of all, you want to determine the purpose of your website. Is it a blog that promotes guest posting? Is it a site based on a hot topic? Are you selling a product or a service? Are you selling both?

Secondly, you need to have an idea of how big your audience or market is and who your competitors are. How exploited is your niche? Keep in mind that, the more specialized you are, the easier it will be to focus your efforts on a specific market segment that will consistently want to hear or buy from you.

Third, will you be focusing on traffic (meaning visitors to your website), conversions (a visitor submitting an e-email address or clicking a “Buy” button to purchase what you offer), or both? You will need different strategies to accomplish these different goals.

People who operate successful blogs that bring them 4-5 figures per month in revenue, will tell you that it is truly desirable to have an automated system in place so that the buying process takes place on a continued basis.

You will also have to consider doing certain things differently from your competition, in an attractive way that is, in order to distinguish yourself form the rest of the crowd. Not an easy task. However, the more you know about your competition, the better you will be able to take a direction that no one else has taken yet.

We are a small group of internet marketers who use best working strategies based on personal experience and constant studying of our competition. We like selling our own physical and digital products online, as well as promoting other people’s products, also known as affiliate marketing.

As stated above, this site will provide some good insights on website marketing that you can utilize with your own products and also if you have a small local business, it works either way if done properly and consistently. Even if you have a hobby and want to attract a big audience to your website and show people what you do, the content you’ll find here will be helpful to you. As stated in our About and Contact pages, we welcome guest posting on relevant topics. Thank you for visiting our blog! Content will be added gradually to ensure quality.

The Team

Making a website can be a very fast or quite a time-consuming process, depending on your goals and experience. There are several components in the creation of any website. Domain, hosting, setup, design, content, navigation, and optimization are the first steps that come to mind. There are extensive courses dedicated to each of these components, with varying degrees of  detail, quality and pricing. You should buy at least two or three (they tend to complement each other usually), to get a full grasp of all the possibilities out there. It is a serious investment that is worth it if you want to make a living out of building, designing and optimizing websites.

However, if your goal is to have a website to promote a product or a service when timing is of the essence, you will be better off from a timing perspective to invest in a website-building service. There are many designers that can easily implement any site theme and improve the appearance once you show them some websites that you like. We are mentioning design here because we’ve found that many people are quite concerned with the way their site looks. There are in fact other elements that are significantly more essential to the traffic and conversion of a website, but we’ll discuss those in later posts.

Build a Website with a website builderWhile it is true that custom design prices can vary anywhere from $200 to $100,000, depending on how complex your vision is on navigation, and how big a website you want, a professional designer can make your website look truly unique and give it a very special character. On the other hand, there are cheaper yet very efficient solutions such as professionally made website templates that incorporate excellent optimization features right from the start. If you go to a service like, you can see how some firms offer a wider variety of services than others. OFFLINE NEO business websites include  options for template or custom, depending on your budget. Some templates can be easily adjusted, to match the colors of any business logo. This is also a form of customization but it takes much less work than building a completely customized website from scratch, therefore it is more cost-efficient. If you are just starting a business and don’t have a big marketing budget to spend on a custom designed website, using a predesigned template is a great strategy. Your site will end up looking very professional, it will have all the necessary components to bring across your business message to your visitors as well as the essential information about your products or services, yet it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You will also be able to insert any pictures of yourself, your business, your staff, as well as videos that would give your new visitors an idea of what to expect when they first show up at your door.

Now that we have discussed the very basics of website strategy, we’ll next move on to the more sophisticated aspects of planning your website’s performance in terms of traffic and conversion. Again, it all depends on what you want to accomplish through your website, but in our experience, it is safe to assume that you would like A) visitors, and B) action that leads to some kind of a change, such as influencing the opinions of others, or gaining some type of profit.

Quality Content

Content creation for a website has proven to be a serious challenge for many marketers or business owners as less and less people nowadays take the time to build their vocabulary and learn proper spelling through consistent reading, which is how it used to be two generations ago. You can find all types of written content on the Internet and discover how severely literacy has decreased in recent years. If your spelling, grammar, (or both) are not great and you know it, it is in your best interest to hire someone with good writing skills to manage your website content for you. Your website needs to look professional in order for you to be able to distinguish yourself and your business from your competition.

Spelling and grammar mistakes tend to stir people away from websites, especially when it comes to making business/buying decisions, i.e, decisions that would ultimately result in people separating themselves from their money.

To prevent this from happening, especially if your daily bread will depend on how well your offers convert through your website, hire a professional if you are feeling uncomfortable at your current writing level. After all, you can’t be an expert in everything, and it is crucial to recognize when you could use some help. The content of your website presents you and your business to those who have never heard about you before. Make it a great first impression!